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Managing the global Covid-19 pandemic is a real issue for companies. For the safety of your employees and customers, Publi-Line has a wide choice of protective equipment against the Coronavirus. This section includes disposable or customizable protective items; gels, masks, gloves, multimedia & antibacterial accessories, ... all have become essential for everyday business.




Focus your Product Media communication on sustainable development! Publi-Line supports you in your eco-responsible initiatives by offering you a wide selection of advertising items in line with the values of your company. Discover our ecological and ethical goodies made from natural or recycled materials; tableware, high tech, home accessories, botany, beauty and much more!




Since the health crisis, homeworking has been democratized day by day within companies. Working from home requires appropriate and quality equipment that should not be neglected. Publi-Line equips your employees to allow them to work serenely with quality equipment to ensure their comfort and motivation. Discover our selection of products to ensure a suitable work desk: adapters, bluetooth speakers, computer equipment, headphones, ...




More present than ever in our daily life, connected devices take a considerable place in marketing strategies! In addition to being appreciated by all audiences, they are formidable weapons for prospecting with a large target. Design, modern, refined and even original, our selection of connected objects is full of trendy and practical objects to please your customers!




Omniprents in our lives, phones play an essential role in our daily lives. To retain your most connected employees, the phone holder will be the perfect corporate gift for the car or the office. The back-up battery also makes it possible to accompany your employees when they are on the move. From the phone case to the induction charger, including the essentials ear-pods, our selection of mobile accessories includes all the essentials!