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Publi-Line uses cookies on the Publi-Line website available at, in order to make your experience more pleasant.


What are cookies? Cookies are data files that may contain small amounts of information. They are stored on your device (computer, smartphone, etc.) when you first visit a website.


In connection with the use of the Site, cookies may be placed on your device to collect anonymous data and Personal Data about you, as identified in this Cookie Policy.

During the first visit to the Site, information relating to privacy and consent to the use of cookies will appear in a "cookie banner" on the home page. If you continue to actively use the Site and if you do not actively oppose the use of cookies, you consent to the use of cookies by Publi-Line and your consent will be stored in your browser. Thus, the information in the "cookie banner" must not be reproduced on each page of the Site or during a next connection. In the event that your consent is no longer saved in your browser (for example if your cookies are deleted), the "cookie banner" will reappear on your next visit to the Site.

You can delete cookies at any time in your browser settings. Note, however, that by leaving cookies active, you benefit from a better browsing experience and that by deleting cookies, certain features of the Site requiring the use of such cookies may no longer be available.


Types of cookies used by Publi-Line

Publi-Line installs and uses several types of cookies: certain cookies (functional cookies) technically required for the proper functioning of the Site or some of its functionalities, and other cookies (non-functional cookies) such as cookies allowing to improve your browsing experience on the Site (by recording certain data (this prevents you from having to re-enter such data on each connection) and by adapting the content of the Site to your preferences), to obtain statistics on the use of the Site or to present you with advertising offers that may be of interest to you.

● Functional cookies do not require your prior consent.

● Non-functional cookies can be installed and used on the basis of your consent.